Hello everyone, the administration here in Darkcraft is in a time of desperate need.

Our Darkcraft fund is severely lacking, and the server is in danger of being cancelled within the next fifteen days if payment is not given to the hoster. Also, a better server with less lag in it will be $10 extra, and we need help to manage to pay for the server. If you enjoy Minecraft, if you enjoy the server and it's community, please help us pay for it by clicking the link below.

Furthermore, Darkcraft.enjin.com's premuim trial is now up, so access to the calendar, past news, chatroom, and other goodies have been disabled. If you'd like to see this website and the server back up to it's prime, please help us.


**The administrators here at Darkcraft would never scam you out of your money, nor would we ever use it for anything else other than what we are asking for.
Thank you, and we hope to see you back in-game.

LuckyPup24 Can someone give me teh ip i forgot it
LuckyPup24 Um I forgot ip
LuckyPup24 I Love This Server